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Articles, Reports, and Abstracts

ACP Articles

Moving Toward Patient-Centered Care was published in ACP Internist in February 2010. It is a brief look at defining a Patient Centered Medical Home and its key features.

Regents Hear Two Sides of Applying Medical Home Concept Published in 2009 in the ACP Internist, this article captures a debate between Bruce H. Hamory, FACP, and Richard J. Baron, FACP over whether the PCMH is best suited to large medical groups or works just as well in small practices.

Patients Find Medical Home in Pennsylvania: Pilot Project Shows Possible Future of Primary Care. Published in April 2009 in ACP Internist, this article interviews a practice in Pennsylvania that was one of 32 internal medicine and family practices to become a PCMH under former Governor Ed Rendell’s Chronic Care Commission.

Center for Practice Improvement & Innovation's (CPII) Two Year Study of 34 PCMHs
In an attempt to unveil common problems for small practices and offer solutions, ACP's CPII visited 34 practices across the U.S. over a two-year period. Members of the center's three-person team assessed each practice on a variety of factors, such as scheduling, work flow, documentation and safety. They offered individual recommendations and resources for improvement, then returned to the practices a year later to measure results.

In a series of six articles (January 2008 to June 2008), ACP Internist explores the issues the team encountered during its visits, the advice given, and how the practices responded.


A series of reports issued by the Center for Studying Health System Change, The Commonwealth Fund, and the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaboration.

Center for Studying Health System Change

Electronic Medical Records and Communication with Patients and Other Clinicians: Are We Talking Less? O'Malley AS et al. Issue Brief No. 131. April 2010

Coordination of Care by Primary Care Practices: Strategies, Lessons and Implications. O'Malley AS et al. Research Brief No. 12. April 2009.

Making Medical Homes Work: Moving from Concept to Practice. Ginsburg PB et al. Policy Perspective No. 1. December 2008

The Commonwealth Fund

Health Reform and You - Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?. Prepared by: Naomi Freundlich and staff of The Commonwealth Fund.

Guiding Transformation: How Medical Practices Can Become Patient-Centered Medical Homes. Edward H. Wagner, M.D., M.P.H., Katie Coleman, M.S.P.H., Robert J. Reid, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., Kathryn Phillips, M.P.H., and Jonathan R. Sugarman, M.D., M.P.H. February 27, 2012.

The Changes Involved in Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation. Edward H. Wagner, M.D., M.P.H., Katie Coleman, M.S.P.H., Robert J. Reid, M.D., Ph.D., Kathryn Phillips, M.P.H., Melinda K. Abrams, M.S., and Jonathan R. Sugarman, M.D., M.P.H. Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice, June 2012 39(2):241-59.

Health Reform and You - Primary Care: Our First Line of Defense. Prepared by: Naomi Freundlich and staff of The Commonwealth Fund. Photo Credits: Susie Fitzhugh (cover) and Martin Dixon (p. 11)

Journal Abstracts

A series of journal abstracts from a variety of sources on key components of the Patient Centered Medical Care model.


Health Affairs, May 2010

The Future of Health Information Technology in the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Bates DW, Bitton A. Health Affairs. 2010; 29:614-621.

Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home and Preventive Services Delivery. Ferrante JM, et al. Annals of Family Medicine. 2010; 8:108-116.

Lessons That Patient-Centered Medical Homes Can Learn From the Mistakes of HMOs. Mirabito AM, Berry LL. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2010; 152:182-185.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes in Ontario. Rosser W, et al. New England Journal of Medicine. Published on January 6, 2010, at


The Medical Home: Is it a Blind Men and Elephant Tale? Solberg L, Van Royen P. Family Practice. 2009; 26:425-427.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Demonstration: A Prospective, Quasi-Experimental, Before and After Evaluation. Reid RJ, et al. The American Journal of Managed Care. 2009: 15(9):71-87.

Improved Outcomes Associated with Medical Home Implementation in Pediatric Primary Care. Cooley, WC. Pediatrics. 2009: 124(1):358-364.

Illinois Medical Home Project: Pilot Intervention and Evaluation. Rankin KM, et al. American Journal of Medical Quality. 2009: 24(4):302-309.

Initial Lessons from the First National Demonstration Project on Practice Transformation to a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Nutting PA, et al. Annals of Family Medicine. 2009; 7:254-260.

Learning from Alma Ata: The Medical Home and Comprehensive Primary Health Care. Gottlieb LM. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2009; 22:242-246.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Will It Stand the Test of Health Reform? Rittenhouse DR, Shortell SM. JAMA. 2009; 301:2038-2040.

Transitions of Care Consensus Policy Statement American College of Physicians-Society of General Internal Medicine-Society of Hospital Medicine-American Geriatrics Society-American College of Emergency Physicians-Society of Academic Emergency Medicine. Snow V, et al. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Published online: April 3, 2009.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home and Nephrology. DuBose TD, et al. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2009; 20:681-682.

Future Vision: Is Family Medicine Ready for Patient-directed Care? Scherger JE. Family Medicine. 2009; 41:285-288.

Patient-Physician Connectedness and Quality of Primary Care. Atlas SJ, et al. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2009; 150:325-335.

Primary Care Physicians' Links to Other Physicians Through Medicare Patients: The Scope of Care Coordination. Pham HH, et al. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2009; 150:236-242.

Building the Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Backer LA. Family Practice Management. 2009; 16:14-18.

Achieving a Patient-centered Medical Home as Determined by the NCQA-at What Cost, and to What Purpose? Kuzel AJ. Annals of Family Medicine. 2009; 7:85-86.